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Dr. Al Garza's Profile

Albert Louis Garza II was born in 1971 to Silvana Dolores Salamone (Jewish Italian) and Albert Louis Garza  Sr. in San Gabriel California. Albert Louis Garza II learned martial arts from his father Al Garza, creator of the Matrix System. Al Garza II holds black belts in Lima Lama, by his father, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Pedro Carvalho. He began his training at the age of 5 with his father and continued his training with world champions such as Gene LeBell, Pedro Carvalho and Cleber Luciano who he competed against in his first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt tournament. Al Garza is a world champion in MMA and Martial Arts holding numerous titles. Al Garza's MMA record from 1995 to 2006 ended with 15-2-0. He is a former certified Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Correctional Academy at SJVC Hesperia Campus. YouTube link.

Dr. Garza is an independent research scholar. Al Garza's education includes a PhD in Biblical Studies from the DOD University's NAHED and NRD.gov vendor graduate program. He also completed Bar-Ilan University's Biblical Archaeology program and the Associate Scholar Program in Linguistic Context of the Bible from Hebrew University's  Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, Israel (see pic above), which included the study of Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic and New Testament Greek. Dr. Al Garza is also certified in Jewish Studies, Hebrew Studies and New Testament Jewish Studies from the Israel Bible-Study Center in Israel. (see pics above) 

Dr. Garza's education also includes certifications of both National and CA state CPT-1 and laboratory and diagnostic training. He has built state approved curriculum for colleges and Universities throughout the US for medical related programs for the last 20 years. He currently owns Phlebotomy Solutions and Victor Valley Phlebotomy Training. (Author of "When A Simple Blood Draw Goes Wrong.")

Dr. Garza has authored over 20 books such as "New Testament In Hebrew; Evidence and Issues," "More Than A Rabbi," "The First Trinity," "Calvinism Challenged," "The Doctrines of God,"Grace," "YH?H: The Name of God, Hidden and Revealed," "The First Satan,"The Hebrew New Testament" and "The Jewish Unveiling Of Revelation And The End" who's contributing author was Dr. Kenneth Gentry Jr. Th.D.

He is currently working on a New Testament 8 volume series, "A Rabbinic Jewish Source Commentary and Language Study Bible"Matthew , John , Epistles and Paul volume 6a and 6b are currently available on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and online bookstores. 

Dr. Al Garza was the Religious Educating Coordinator holding both Federal and Government contracts for the DOD. He is the founder and director of THISS-The Hebrew Institute of Semitic Studies and has been a student of the Bible for 30+ years and is the owner of three companies including a non-profit corporation, "YHVH" ministry. Dr. Al Garza is currently in California where he now lives with his family and teaches at Victor Valley College and Victor Valley Christian Church.

Research Interest

Biblical Hebrew, Modern Hebrew, morphology, lexicology, lexicography, onomastics, sociolinguistics and his current main research is the lexicography of Ancient Hebrew.

Books By Dr. Al Garza