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Al Garza makes a case for the Hebrew Adonai instead of Adoni in Psalm 110:1a. In this book, Dr. Garza draws upon Hebrew sources, Jewish sources, early church fathers, and ancient Semitic languages to provide an overview of all evidence that supports a straightforward reading of Adonai in Psalm 110:1a opening. This book is endorsed by well-known Semitic Scholar Dr. Michael Brown.

"According to Jewish tradition, if Psalm 110 refers to David, it was written by a court poet who referred to David, the king, as “my lord” (Hebrew adoni). According to a Christian reading of the text, as reflected in ancient Greek and Syriac manuscripts, the passage referred to Jesus the Messiah, with David referring to Him as “my Lord” (Hebrew adonai). Which tradition more accurately reflects the original Hebrew text? Which group, Jewish or Christian, changed the original vocalization to fit their own theology? In this clear and concise monograph, Dr. Al Garza makes the case for adonai, my Lord, being the original reading, thereby pointing clearly to the divinity of the Messiah. Is he right? Dig in for yourself, weigh the evidence carefully, and make an informed decision".-Dr. Michael L. Brown, author of the 5-volume series Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus.

Dr. Al Garza is an Associate Scholar graduate in the Linguistic Context of the Bible from Hebrew University's Institute of Biblical Studies. He is also certified in New Testament Jewish Studies, Hebrew Bible, and Jewish Culture and Context. FOR E-BOOK DONATE $10 BELOW.


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(One Trinity, Messiah, New Testament in Hebrew, Jesus In The N.T. Hebrew Texts, More Than A Rabbi.)

NEW 2020Dr. Al Garza has completed his final book on the nature of God in his work, "One Trinity." Dr. Garza will take you through the whole Bible, Genesis to Revelation, proving the Trinity from the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek/Hebrew New Testament texts. There has not been a book that goes through the whole Bible in great detail for the Trinity doctrine. Dr. Al Garza is an Associate Scholar in the Linguistic Context of the Bible specializing in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. 

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NEW 2020-Dr. Al Garza's first fiction story book. The names of the Messiah in Jewish literature. Who is the serpent, and the name that must never be revealed? After 2000 years buried in the desert of Israel, ancient Hebrew manuscripts have been uncovered. Within them is the hidden name of an old adversary never to be said out loud. Erased at his fall, the serpent's name must never be known. One man's journey to keep the name from being discovered while finding the true names of the Jewish Messiah hidden by the ancient Sages and Rabbis. Can the serpent be stopped, or will his name be revealed to the world? The story is fiction, but the Jewish sources are real. Discover Yeshua-Jesus and the names of the Jewish Messiah found only in Jewish literature in connection with the Hebrew Bible. 

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NEW 2020: FULL-COLOR PHOTOS: For the first time in a printed book, “Jesus” In The N.T. Hebrew Texts. Dr. Al Garza has put together some of the most neglected Hebrew New Testament texts in the world, rarely seen or studied. Evidence shows that some of these manuscripts are not a translation from Greek or Latin. Was Jesus called Adonai? Is the genealogy of Jesus finally solved? Does John 1:1 in Hebrew agree with the Greek? See photos of Hebrew Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Look at Hebrew James, Jude, and Revelation. Dr. Al Garza will take you through the variants between the texts and how some correct the Greek New Testament. This is a breakthrough in textual studies of the New Testament. 

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NEW 2020: For the first time in a printed book, New Testament Hebrew manuscripts. Dr. Al Garza has put together some of the most neglected Hebrew New Testament texts in the world. Rarely seen or studied. Evidence shows some of these manuscripts are not a translation from Greek or Latin. These Hebrew New Testament pages and books point back to an earlier Hebrew source. Can they go back to the time of the Apostles? Was the New Testament written in Hebrew and Greek? See photos of Hebrew Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Look at Hebrew James, Jude, and Revelation. Dr. Al Garza will take you through the variants between the texts and how some correct the Greek New Testament. This is a breakthrough in textual studies of the New Testament. 

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For the last 2000 years, there has been a debate about the identity and person named Yeshua-Jesus. This person lived in the 1st century in Jerusalem and died at the hands of the Jews and Gentiles. The Jews rejected his claims that he was the Jewish Messiah foretold by the prophets in their Hebrew Bible. After the destruction of the Jewish Temple and the exile of the Jews from their land at 70 A.D., the nations took hold of Yeshua-Jesus as their Christ, which in Greek means “anointed one.” The man who was born a Jew in the town of Bethlehem and who became known to many as the long-awaited Jewish Messiah, Son of God, has been lost. Jesus is more than a Rabbi.

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"The First Trinity" will take you through the TaNaKh (Old Testament)  to discover the First Trinity. If you ever wondered if the trinity is in the Old Testament, then this book is for you. This book is guaranteed to show how Moses believed in a trinity in the first book of the Torah, Genesis. Learn the truth from the Hebrew Bible. 

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"Know Your Bible" DVD series will teach you how to read your Bible like a 1st century Jew. These DVD are a must for those who want to understand the Bible. Get all 3 DVD for one low price when you donate $99.00 to this ministry. 

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4 Books In One

Dr. Al Garza has put together 4 of his best selling books into one volume. The Doctrines of God will give you the teachings of "Grace," The FirstSatan, The Faces of God, and YH?H: The Name of God Hidden and Revealed. You will be grounded on what the Hebrew Bible teaches before the New Testament was written. Dr. Al Garza is a graduate of Hebrew University's Associate Master Scholar's program in Linguistics through the Institute of Biblical Studies. He also holds a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies. Visit dralgarza.org for more information and questions.

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"Calvinism Challenged" will take you through the Hebrew Bible, Jewish sources and the New Testament challenging the claims of Calvinism and Reform Theology. The method of interpretation by Calvinist and Reformers are deeply flawed and this book will show how their methods are not in line with 1st-century Jewish thought. Click book to order.

For centuries the Name of God has been debated on how to pronounce it. Many Western scholars and Christians believe it is YaHWeH while others in Rabbinic Jewish circles hold to YeHoVaH. Which is correct? For the first time, Hebrew Rabbinic Jewish sources have been discovered and translated. Some have never been seen or translated from Hebrew. In them, they reveal the secret that has been hidden from the Western world. What will they say regarding the actual Name of God and how to pronounce it? The majority of the resources shown in this book have been re-discovered and translated for the first time. Dr.Al Garza has been a student of the Bible for over 30+ years and has written over 25 books. He holds a Ph.D. and is a graduate of Hebrew University's Linguistic Scholar program with studies in Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, and New Testament Greek. He is also certified in Jewish Studies Culture and Context, Hebrew Bible, and Jewish New Testament Studies. Order at Amazon today!

The First Satan

"The First Satan" is a book every Bible believer needs to read. Satan has been misunderstood based on pagan and Jewish mythology. Dr Al Garza explores the evolution of Satan from the Hebrew Bible to the 2nd Temple period and right into the New Testament. Discover why the Greek and Latin Church fathers adopted such a teaching that lead into the modern day view of a horned devil. "Does the Old and New Testament really teach that Satan is an angel who rebelled against God?" "Is Satan the Devil?" "What is the difference between a Satan and The Satan?" "Who are the Nephilim?" "Does Isiah and Ezekiel say Lucifer fell from heaven?" "Where did Angels come from?" "Who are the Cherubim and Seraphim?" These questions are all answered and more. Discover the truth about the origins of Satan, Devils and Demons. Separating truth from mythology.  Order on Amazon now! Available on Kindle too!

DVD: Elohim, They Are God

"ELOHIM, They Are God" is a groundbreaking teaching by Dr.Al Garza who goes thru the book of Genesis chapters 1-20 to establish the foundation for the teaching of the trinity. You will never look at the Bible the same after watching this teaching series.  

"Who is the Word of the LORD?" 

"Who is the Messenger of the LORD?" 

"Who were the three men who appeared to Abraham?" 

"Who first spoke the name "Elohim" as a plural?" 

"Does the Hebrew Bible use the name "Elohim" in the plural when referring to YHVH?"  

These questions are all answered and much more. For more information go to dralgarza.org or pick up a copy of "ELOHIM:How Can Three Be ONE?" at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. 

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The Concealed Light

     The Concealed Light is a new breakthrough book that introduces the reader into the rich background and meaning behind the names of the Messiah. Everyone is familiar-whether they know it or not-with theophoric names: If your name is "Daniel," you might know that the meaning is "God is my judge." All the more so for identities given to the Messiah. In the Bible and other Jewish sources, the Mashiach is deliberately assigned various eye-opening and specific names. Each of these assignations offers deep insights into the attributes and expected roles of the person of Messiah-far beyond the watered-down concept of the Messiah that modern culture offers us. The exposure to Jewish sources in the way they are presented in this book could tempt some to defend or negate particular religious convictions. However, the material presented here is not intended to be used as a "sword" against anyone's beliefs. The author's purpose in writing this book is to introduce the reader to treasures that can enrich his or her own understanding of the complex and profound Jewish view of Messiah. Special Features • Beautifully designed and presented hardcover with 250 pages • 101 names are grouped and arranged according to the Hebrew alphabet • Unique index for each group of the names of Messiah in Hebrew and English • Extensive references to biblical and non-biblical sources • Full bibliography, plus index of names in English for easy reference More about the Author Dr. Tsvi Sadan is uniquely qualified as the author of this book. Born in Israel, where he currently resides, he holds a Ph.D. in Jewish History from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has researched Jewish and Christian views of the Messiah for more than twenty years. Tsvi has taken on the task of becoming familiar with traditional Jewish materials. In this book he draws on this knowledge to give a picture of the Messiah found in Jewish literature but known to few Jews and fewer Christians. $0.00 CLICK THE "DONATE" BUTTON TO ORDER. SOLD OUT

Hebrew-English(NASB) Complete Bible

A One of a kind with Amazing Additional Features!A new edition of the Hebrew-English Bible that consists of the Old and New Testaments in one book. The Hebrew is taken from the Masoretic text for the Old Testament and the Modern Hebrew translation for the New Testament.  The English is taken from the New American Standard Bible (NASB).The Hebrew is side by side to the English from Genesis to Revelation.    This edition of the Hebrew-English Bible contains the following features:

  • The NASB for the English text of the Bible.  A modern English translation that is well respected among Bible scholars.
  • Torah Portion divisions and titles in both Hebrew and English
  • Hafarah reading table located at the back of the Bible
  • A full table of Torah Portion readings at the back of the Bible.
  • A special table for the relevant readings during the various Jewish holidays.
  • Bible Maps in Hebrew: An excellent resource for those who are learning the Hebrew language. Format: Leather or Hard Cover                                                   OUT OF STOCK